Best Winch for Jeep

You have your jeep and want to go for a long drive, trip, or any adventure. Then what would be your requirements? You need to pack your luggage including your clothes, shoes, food items, and also the other materials that you would need during the journey. Along with all these items you need any helping material that would help you if you are stuck in the mud, hole, or ditch.

That helping material is called a winch that helps you in off-roading and makes your journey safe and joyful. When you take a winch with you along your adventure then you can say that you are ready for a safe adventure.

A winch for a jeep is used when you drive on uneven surfaces, your jeep might be stuck in the mud or ditch. There you need the easiest and the quickest way to get a ride from this difficulty by yourself and the winch would be your best friend at that time.

When you are going to the market to buy the winch for your jeep, you would find thousands of options there. But all of them are not the best for you. So, you need to know about the best options, their key features, and also your requirements.

Best Winch for Jeep and Reviews

  1. Smittybilt X2O GEN2 10K Wireless Winch
  2. WARN M8000-S Series Electric Winch
  3. Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 Winch
  4. Rough Country 12,000LB PRO Electric Winch
  5. Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch
  6. WARN Zeon Platinum 10-S Winch
  7. Super winch LP8500 Gen II Winch

1. Smittybilt X2O GEN2 10K Wireless Winch


Best for: Best for all aspects
Capacity: 10,000 lbs to 17500 lbs
Cable type: Synthetic rope
Motor: 6.6 HP
System: Dynamic braking system.

Price at Amazon

Smitty Bilt X2O Electric Winch is offered for those who want the best jeep winch. It can pull in a range of 10,000 to 17,500 lbs weight in a breeze with the help of a 6.6 HP motor. It offers the best features that a searcher may want.

Its texture is sure to be very hard due to the construction of stainless steel. You can easily control the whole system with two mounting options with the best feature of a dynamic braking system. Fruitfully the whole system could be controlled with the help of a wireless remote which becomes the reason for enhancing its rating.

Smitty Bilt X2O Electric Winch is a very efficient machine in its operation as well as size efficient enough that it could be easily carried in any jeep with a smaller size. Its rope is made of synthetic material that could easily pull the heavy material without any difficulty and with little effort. It offers a waterproof design, therefore, you can use it in any weather.

  • Massive load capacity
  • Powerful motor for huge dragging
  • Rigid hardware
  • Quite simple to monitor the whole stuff
  • The flexible winching rope serves more but requires less maintenance
  • Waterproof to work in every weather
  • Shorter mounting brackets
  • Instructions are not precise

2. WARN M8000-S Series Electric Winch


Best for: Best for Jeep JK
Capacity: 8000 lbs
Cable type: Synthetic and steelless steel rope
Motor: 4.8 HP
System: Separate counter box
Weight: 65 pounds

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WARN M8000 Series Winch offers a low-profile design in its formation. On the other hand, you will find many different mounting options in a control box. When it is operated, it performs functions with its 4.8 HP motor which is the best product for most of the workload.

It has an overall weight of 65 lbs and could easily pull up to 8000 pounds without any trouble. WARN M8000 Series Winch offers an automatic braking system that makes your work smooth and easy.
It comes with a 3-stage planetary gear system along with the best quality motor.

The system is controlled by a handheld remote. The remote cord length is almost 12 feet due to which you can experience a safe and convenient journey.

  • Numerous mounting options
  • 3 stage gearbox
  • A 12-feet handheld remote
  • Both synthetic and stainless steel rope provide versatile winching
  • Opportunity to pick the convenient weight as per your jeep
  • The cover may fade within a few days
  • Offer lifetime technical support but no mechanical warranty

3. Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 Winch


Best for: Best for jeep
Capacity: 11.500 lbs
Cable type: Synthetic rope and steel cable
Motor: 5.2 HP
System: Includes 2 separate versions

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Super winch Tiger Shark Winch offers a 6.0 HP motor that could be able to pull tons of weight. Alongside, it is waterproof and weather-resistant therefore you can put it everywhere with you in harsh weather.

It offers 12 feet handheld remote due to which you can handle the motor from a safe distance comfortably. In addition, its operation and installation are not difficult. It comes with three stages planetary gear system. It also offers free-spool control due to which you can smoothly operate the whole stuff.

Super winch Tiger Shark Winch comes with high-quality stainless steel rollers, hardware, and tie bars that make it durable and extend its life span. It is somehow weather-resistant therefore the effect of rain, snow, and blowing dust is quite less.

  • Compatible with all types of jeep
  • Can beat harsh weather due to weather resistance
  • Quite strong rope to bear with huge pressure from heavy load
  • Comes in both synthetic Rope and steel cable
  • Sturdy construction to win over any off-road challenge
  • Minimal or zero chance of damage due to rust and decaying particles
  • Does not provide a cable tensioned
  • Meant for mid-size pulling
  • Not for massive vehicle

4. Rough Country 12,000LB PRO Electric Winch


Best for: Best for a steel cable winch
Capacity: 12,000 lbs
Cable type: Stainless steel cable
Motor: 6.0 HP
System: An automatic load-holding system

Price at Amazon

The people who want the best winch for money could choose the best option which is here called as X-BULL 12000 lb Electric Winch. It can easily pull 12,000 pounds of weight with the help of a 26-meter-long stainless steel cable. Its motor has a power of 6.0 horsepower which is quite powerful to take heavy pressure.

It offers the 3 stages planetary gear system that increases its winch operation and installation along with performance. It is a sturdy device due to its 79.8 lbs weight. It comes with a one-handed controller with a wireless remote controller therefore you could conveniently control the whole system.
X-BULL 12000 lb Electric Winch offers an automatic load-holding system that becomes safe.

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel cable with a length of 26-meter
  • Higher load-hauling capacity
  • Dual remote control system for added control and safety
  • 3-stage gearbox for added functionality
  • Burning issues
  • No synthetic rope option is available

5. Smittybilt XRC GEN2 9.5K Waterproof Winch

Price at Amazon


Best for: Best for multiple capacities
Capacity: 9,500 to 12000 lbs
Cable type: Stainless steel and synthetic rope
Motor: 6.6 HP
System: A wired remote to control the braking system

Smitty Bilt GEN 2 XRC Winch is one of the best winches motors that are available in the market based on different features. It offers a unique feature that it comes in 5 different models that could contain different weight capacities within a quite little range of price. Anyone can choose the best one according to requirements in a certain price range.

It offers two options stainless steel and synthetic rope. It offers a 6.6 HP motor that is quite strong to pull heavy loads with comfort and also offers a waterproof design to tackle harsh weather conditions.

It comes with three stages planetary gear system that makes its operation quite simple and easy. It provided a corded handheld remote to control the braking system. For beginners, it is the best choice because it is very easy to install.

  • Tolerate the harsh weather condition
  • Quite easy to install
  • 6.6 HP powerful motor for power pulling
  • 4-way roller meant for comfortable and convenient operation
  • Can pick the matching unit from 5 different weight capacity
  • Flimsy controller
  • Reported by few to be not that waterproof

6. WARN Zeon Platinum 10-S Winch


Spec: Best premium pick
Capacity: 10,000 to 12,000 lbs
Cable type: Synthetic and wire rope
Motor: No
System: An aluminum hawse fairlead system

Price at Amazon

WARN ZEON Platinum Winch is a little more expensive but offers the best features of a winch for a jeep. It is for those people who can afford the expenses. If WARN ZEON Platinum Winch compares with other same types of options, then you would find that it provides more reliability, durability, and versatility.

It offers an advanced wireless remote due to which you can monitor the device throughout. Alongside, the buyer may get a display screen to check the motor temperature due to which you can avoid any type of excessive heating. And also could avoid any mishap.

It offers an extra feature of a USB charging cable and charger adapter for emergency charging. It comes with a synthetic rope that has a length of almost 100 feet that can easily pull 10,000 to 20,000 pounds of weight. You can also buy the 80 feet rope made of stainless steel that would perform the same operations.

  • Includes a portable wireless remote
  • Monitor to read the motor’s temperature and avoid overheating
  • Durable and long-lasting rope for extended rescue in distress
  • Lightweight
  • Emergency power charging to keep you connected at the remote area
  • The battery is weaker to run out quickly
  • Expensive

7. Super winch LP8500 Gen II Winch


Best for: Jeep winch
Capacity: 8,500 to 10,000 lbs
Cable type: Wire rope, made of stainless steel
Motor: 4.5 HP
System: A wire
Weight: 72.8 pounds

Price at Amazon

If anyone is wanting to buy a winch rope for a jeep under $600 then Super winch LP8500 Gen II Winch is the best option because it is available for under $600. With its affordable feature, it offers many other features that are under consideration.

Its motor offers 4.5 to 5.1 horsepower that can pull the heavyweight like a mid-sized jeep easily and efficiently. Its weight capacity is between 8,500 to 10,000 pounds.

If you want to pull the vehicles efficiently then you would be offered a steel rope with a latched hook. Its circuit breaker and the solenoid, both are weather-covered due to which you can easily use them in different weather conditions like wind, rainwater, and snow.

You can experience the safe distance of 15 handheld remotes that are made of rubber.

  • Affordable price but high-end services
  • Weather-sealed to fight the hostile conditions
  • Easily controllable through a handheld remote
  • Huge pulling strength not to falter while pulling a giant load
  • Two options to pick the matching unit from
  • Rusting issues
  • Not for the massive-sized jeep

Buying Guide for Best Winch for Jeep

Here is buying guide for you if you are confused after reading all the available options. This buying guide would help you to select the best one for you according to your requirement that may become your best friend during off-roading. Some factors should keep under consideration.

These factors are as follows:


Capacity is the most important factor that should keep under consideration while selecting your best winch for a jeep during off-roading. The winch that you selected should pull a lot of weight. If your winch cannot pull the heavy load then it would be useless. Smitty Bilt X2O Electric Winch is a mechanical winch that has a maximum pulling capacity of up to 17,500 pounds. If you have a large-sized jeep then this product is certainly best for you.

Rope material

When you finalize the capacity of the winch then you should consider the rope material. Winch rope is available in two different materials.

  1. Stainless steel
  2. Synthetic rope

If you choose the strong rope you would easily pull the material, no matter how heavy that is. If you choose the stainless steel rope that is available on a little smart budget but there is a need for some safety measures while handling it like you should be gloves.

On the other hand, if you spend some extra funds, you would find a synthetic winch that is more flexible and easy to operate. Besides it, the synthetic winch needs proper maintenance.


If you select the best winch for your jeep that has a less powerful motor then it would useless. The motor provides power to the winch so that it could pull the load easily. So, you would not get the best result if you select the winch with a less powerful motor.

Length of cable

If you want to pull the heavy load at a long distance then you would be needed to go for the lengthy winch rope. You should remember that, If you choose the long winch rope then you have to contain a powerful motor to pull that long winch.


How much winch capacity do I need for my jeep?

The winch capacity must be 1.5 times the weight of your jeep. Mostly jeeps are 2500 to 5000 pounds. So your winch capacity must be 8000 or more.

What pound winch is needed for your jeep?

Pounds and lbs are the same things. You need a winch of up to 8000 pounds.

For what purpose winch is used on a jeep?

If you have a jeep of your own, then you must be fond of off-roading. During the journey the jeep may stuck in the snow or mud then it would be put out with the help of a winch. By pulling or by attaching to another vehicle.


In this article, we have discussed the best winch ropes for jeeps for those people who own their jeeps and are fond of off-roading. We have discussed the best products with their reviews along with their features. Then discuss the key points that should keep in mind while choosing your best winch according to your requirement. Smitty-built X2O Electric Winch is the overall best option for you in all aspects.

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